EMC & RFI Shielding

We supply a wide range of EMC shielding and RFI materials to suit the demands of various industries and applications. Our range of oriented wire in silicone rubbers provide a high level of shielding effectiveness and excellent environmental protection. These materials incorporate a matrix of vertically oriented wires which provide around 100 contact points per square centimetre. The materials can be provided as solid and sponge silicone as well as Fluorosilicone and can be diecut to your precise dimensions. Our range of materials also includes Nickel Graphite and Carbon loaded Silicone/Fluorosilicone.

Wire in Silicone

Shielding effectiveness up to 140dB at 100MHz
Suitable for a wide range of applications including Military to Mil Std 285

Nickel – Graphite Conductive Silicone

Shielding effectiveness 95dB average 20MHz to 10GHz.
Good anti-oxidation and lightweight performance, suitable for most commercial applications.

Silver – Aluminium Conductive Silicone

Shielding effectiveness 100dB average 20MHz to 10GHz.
Good electrical conductivity and EMI shielding performance.
Widely used in high frequency applications.

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