Heatsinks & Heat Spreaders

Heatsinks have been traditionally used as a cooling solution that makes use of enhanced surface area using fins or pins. Additional benefit can be made from increasing the and airflow via fans. Whether static or moving air, the heat from the source is allowed to dissipate out into the surrounding air.

Heat spreaders on the other hand, have a large, flat surface which allows the heat to be dissipated over a large surface area. This is often compressed against another large flat surface (for example: a chassis or backplane, and heat passes from a small heat spreader out to the larger metal surface. Heat spreaders are ideal for systems that require low profile solutions or are expected to operate under extreme shock and vibration.

Extruded Aluminium Heatsinks

When an off the shelf heatsink is required we can find a design tailored to your needs. For more bespoke applications, a custom designed heatsink is also possible. Our heatsinks are designed with optimum performance to reduce temperature in your application.

BGA Heatsinks

We can offer a broad range of BGA and FPGA Heatsinks to meet the demands of most chip devices. These are typically cross cut and anodised for better performance in natural convection.

Mounting methods include thermally conductive tape/pushpins/wire clips and solder anchors.

Micro-Porous Copper Heatsinks

Using a revolutionary process, we can offer unparalleled performance in low profile applications. The copper foam creates a large surface area and is coated with a thin hard layer of high temperature copper oxide. These are designed for use in applications where space is constricted. Square profiles range from 10mm x 10mm to 40mm x 40mm, and thicknesses from 2mm to 5mm.

Graphite Sheets

We stock graphite and pyrolytic graphite sheets for heat spreading. Graphite has relatively good thermal properties in the Z direction, but also exceptional performance in the XY plane, better than aluminium or copper.

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