Our mission

Our mission is to supply customised, high quality thermally conductive and electrically isolating products to meet the ever-changing demands of UK businesses, combining a dynamic, fast and flexible service, with advanced technology and technical expertise.

Our Story

Thermal Issues was founded in 2014 by Neil Wilson. Trained as a design engineer, Neil previously held diverse positions in manufacturing on both a local and global scope. From his hands-on experience managing a diverse spectrum of thermal interface problems, Neil identified a need for a UK-based provider that would deliver customised solutions that are bespoke to engineering requirements.

As an innovator in his field, Neil has worked with a range of electrically isolating and thermally conductive materials from manufacturers including Bergquist, Kerafol, Dupont, Chomerics and Laird.

We now supply some of the UK's leading businesses across automotive, aerospace, energy and healthcare and we are proud to continue providing a high level of quality and customer service, differentiating ourselves by our speed and flexibility of response.

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Why Thermal Issues?

Thermal Issues was born out of the frustration experienced by many design engineers and procurement staff. Founded on the basis of providing a tailored, UK-based service that guarantees flexibility in response. The key fundamentals of our business are:


We understand that in many industries, time is crucial — we aim to produce samples and prototypes in days, not weeks.


Our background in design and engineering means we understand the challenges, issues and technicalities involved in thermal management and electrical isolation from our first-hand experience.


Our service is bespoke — as a small dynamic/agile team with a broad range of materials held in stock, we're able to be flexible to meet the requirements of our customers.

Scalable, efficient production

We have no MOQ or MOV, and we do not charge for tooling or set-up.

Our Partners



We are the sole UK partner for KERAFOL®, the specialist for ceramic tapes and a long-term experienced manufacturer of technical ceramics. KERAFOL® products have been used in various electronic applications for over 25 years.

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Celsia is a custom heat sink manufacturer specialising in vapour chamber and heat pipe thermal assemblies. We are the exclusive UK partner and supplier of Celsia products within the UK.

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Processes & Policies

We are dedicated to operating in an ethical manner and we have a number of processes and systems in place to ensure we do so.


We source our products carefully to ensure we only use conflict-free minerals and resources.


We do not procure materials and resources from companies engaged directly or otherwise, in modern day slavery and trafficking.


The nature of our business is such that we will inevitably have an unavoidable environmental impact, however we strive to be as sustainable and responsible as possible. We maintain ISO14001:2015 standard across our energy use and recycling.

Batch control

Traceability is important so that if a problem or issue arises, it can be traced to a specific batch, date and process. We have procedures in place to ensure accurate traceability and batch control. Our manufacturing operations conform to ISO9001:2015.


Thermal Issues is a member of the Silverstone Technology Cluster, a community of like-minded companies and part of a critical mass of high-tech business activity in the local area.


We are fully aware of the implications of RoHS and REACH regulation applied to our business. We maintain a continuing dialogue with both suppliers and customers for the protection of the supply chain and full compliance with RoHS and REACH regulation.

For copies of our full policies relating to conflict-free minerals, anti-slavery, health & safety or other areas, please contact us.

ISO9001 certified CF UL ROHS compliance REACH compliance
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