Vapour Chambers & Heatpipes

If you’re looking for a convenient way to dissipate or spread thermal energy, our Vapour Chambers and Heatpipes are a dramatic way of achieving this. With high Thermal Conductivity up to 100x that of Copper and proven reliability of over 100,000 hours, these devices regularly outlast the units they were designed to cool. Shipped in over a million products worldwide, they can cool applications ranging from telecoms to high end graphics cards. Designs can be less than 2mm thick and can integrate with a mixture of aluminium or nickel plated copper fins. Orientation is no problem — the devices can be applied to your design without regard to complexity. If the physics permit, we know how to design and manufacture the it.

Purpose Built Heatpipes

We tune wick characteristics, wall thickness, working fluid, case metal and fin structure for each application in order to meet stringent thermal performance targets. Shaped into almost any configuration, our heat pipes range in lengths up to one meter, with diameters to 40mm and can be flattened to just 1mm thick. The design can be further enhanced by pairing heat pipes with cold plates, thermo electric modules or vapour chambers. When standard heat sinks don’t meet the design or performance criteria, Celsia can quickly prototype, test and mass produce an optimised solution.

One Piece Vapour Chambers

Our one piece Vapour Chambers have cooled everything from telecoms equipment to high end graphics cards. They give up to 30% better thermal performance than most heat pipe solutions, with 10x thermal conductivity and 50% the weight of solid copper. They can be made as thin as 1.0mm, are bendable and can be made up to 100mm x 300mm in size.

Two Piece Vapour Chambers

With thicknesses from 2.5mm to 25mm, our two piece Vapour Chambers can be stamped or machined into virtually any shape and can include variable porosity wick structures. These can be designed to cool up to 500W/cm2

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