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We are the sole UK partner for KERAFOL®, the specialist for ceramic tapes and a long-term experienced manufacturer of technical ceramics. The products have been used in various electronic applications for over 25 years, from power electronics to various automotive applications such as battery, electric powertrain, on-board charger, sensor technology and much more.

Especially for the thermal management requirements of the automotive sector, KERAFOL offers a unique product portfolio. This ranges from liquid 2-component GAP FILER LIQUIDS, THERMAL PASTES (silicone-containing and silicone-free), compressible and levelling GAP PADS, highly thermal conductive and electrical insulating thin STANDARD TAPES, thermal conductive 2-component ADHESIVES and thermal conductive ADHESIVE TAPES up to CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS.

This comprehensive range of Thermal Interface Materials ensures efficient cooling of the electronic components by connecting the heat source to the heat sink with electrical insulation at the same time – an important prerequisite for the high quality requirements from the automotive sector. Through the KERAFOL Thermal Interface Material, the connection and compensation of corresponding component tolerances, gaps or air inclusions can be realized in a simple way individually.

Thus, Kerafol offers the optimal solution for any thermal problem and helps to meet the heat management requirements of today and tomorrow.

Products we supply:

  • Gap Pad Materials
  • Thin Film Materials
  • Phase Change Materials
  • Pyroltic Graphite
  • TCAT
  • Thermal Gap Filler and Dispensed Materials
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